Why Consider Antioch Baptist College?

The times in which we live are perilous and therefore demand drastic measures. God helped Nehemiah build the walls around Jerusalem in troublous times. God used William Carey to introduce World Missions to a group of Baptists that were far from an evangelistic mindset. Therefore it seems that, though the times in which we live are insidious, God is more than up to the task. Pragmatism is always shopping for new carts to transport the Ark of God, and the leading Uzzas are still trying to steady a trembling Christianity to their own peril. 

As goes our college so go our churches, because Church authority has been relegated to a Para-church coffee shop. 

The answer is not the trendy seeker-sensitive movement, the solution is greater prayer, deeper Bible study, a return to Gospel-centered preaching, and a godly separation that enjoys being out of step with the world. Antioch Baptist College is destined to become a West Point for those who want to engage the forces of darkness for the glory of God. 

Antioch Baptist College begins with the absolute truth which is the King James Version. We do not correct God's word it correct us. Therefore the teachings of the Bible become tantamount in a religious society that is conceptually clueless. Godly belief influences godly behavior and godly behavior still impresses a weak world that is wearily trying to find itself. 

Historically, Baptist colleges that grow, do so because of great causes, courage, and a Christ-centered commitment. Soon, however, they become ego-centric and more enthused about their college than they are about Christ and His Mission. The result is tragic compromise devolving into cesspools of infidelity. The examples are too numerous to mention. 

You should prayerfully consider Antioch Baptist College for many reasons. 

*High Academics subservient to Biblical Authority 

*Balanced approach to Ministry 

*Practical Instruction from Pastors who lead in the Fight 

*Commitment to the Student's future success 

*Serious Students breed weekly motivation 

*Tuition that is far below the average 

*Relevant Classes that provide a cutting edge 

*A lasting Kindred spirit 

Why consider Antioch Baptist College, because ABC will consider YOU before the throne of grace, should you enroll. We will be MORE committed to YOU than you are to us, because we do what we do for the Glory of God and not for money or worldly applause. 

Antioch Baptist College is worth your consideration and our heritage is worth inheriting.